Spirituality and Depression – Why Should a Journey to the Light Cause Darkness and Despair?

It doesn’t seem fair or logical that people on a spiritual path, actively working at raising their consciousness, should suffer from depression. Yet, this is often the case. Depression is one of the classic symptoms experienced by many people who are spiritually-inclined. And there is a very good reason why this can happen.

Firstly, let’s be clear about the type of depression we’re talking about. This is not the depression that might occur in response to a human crisis, such as the death of a loved one, a relationship breakup or being sacked from a job. No, this is something more chronic and pervasive.

This is a deep sadness of the soul. It tends to shut down creativity and any interest in life. It can be incredibly difficult to motivate yourself to get out of bed and go to work, or go about your day. The world holds no interest for you and having to interact with others can feel like an assault on your senses. This is a time of despair – the dark night of the soul.

This spiritual type of depression has been experienced by many people who are going through their spiritual awakening process, also known as ‘Ascension’. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but enough to make it the most widely reported Ascension Symptom.

Ascension is the process of merging and melding the energies of the Spirit, or Divine Self, with the energies of the human self.

Often the Ascension process begins before the person is consciously aware of it. The spiritual seeker’s desire for growth and fulfillment triggers the process. But, because the true nature of spiritual awakening has not been clearly understood by many humans in the past, most do not associate their uncomfortable symptoms of depression with a ‘spiritual experience’.

Spiritual awakening cannot fully take place if a person is totally focussed in superficial day-to-day reality. So what can happen is that the person unconsciously hears the call of their soul and responds – again, unconsciously – by withdrawing and becoming less engaged in their everyday activities and relationships.

But, because they don’t understand that what is really happening is that their consciousness is being drawn into the spiritual realms to connect with their Spirit, they perceive the experience as negative, which only makes it harder to cope with.

Let us look at the energetic mechanics of depression. What is really going on when a human is going through spiritually-based depression?

Think back to your high school science lessons about the movement of energy. Remember the diagrams of the wave form, with its peaks and troughs? Now imagine a graph showing two wave forms moving along in sync with each other – one rises up where the other dips down. One represents the person’s physical energies, the other represents their spiritual energies. At the point where the human’s energies are dipped to their lowest point, as in depression, the corresponding spiritual wave form rises to its highest point.

The depression – or trough of the wave – has a corresponding energy peak in the spiritual realms. So at the time of the deepest depression, when the body and mind seem depleted of energy, most of the person’s energies are being directed towards the spiritual realms.

You could say that the opposite energy of the depression is a wave form on the other side of the veil that separates the physical and non-physical realms. That wave is counter-balancing and moving along in sync with the depressed cycle of the human person on Earth.

The depressed cycle in the physical world is actually needed in order to balance and create the energy-wave on the other side of the veil which will eventually propel the human being through the Ascension process, allowing their Divine and human selves to integrate with each other.

The melding of Spirit and human is a totally natural process in our evolution. We are eternal beings awakening to the remembrance of our Divinity. So the experience of depression, in an awakening and spiritually-oriented human being, is a natural and necessary part of the Ascension process.

However, that doesn’t make it any more comfortable. So, what can you do about it?

The most important thing you can do to support yourself is BREATHE. Breathing deeply and consciously clears the mind and rebalances the emotions. There is a particular method of simple conscious breathing – you will find detailed instructions set out for you on my Awakening Angel website, as well as a free audio meditation which you may use at any time to de-stress and rebalance yourself.

While you may be inclined to think that this sounds too simplistic, I assure you that the deep conscious breathing is the key to Ascension and Divine integration. Practising it regularly will help you in so many ways – from simple relaxation and de-stressing to helping you to move through your own spiritual awakening process more easily and gracefully.

Remember, you are never alone. Spirit is always with you – angels are as close as your next breath.

Cathy Brodie is a spiritual author and teacher. Her passion is sharing the message that we are more than human, we are Spirit also. Cathy’s area of expertise is the process of spiritual awakening, also known as Ascension. Ascension is the merging of the human’s energies with their own Spirit, leading to a deeper and more fulfilling human experience and the ability to access our Divine Creatorship abilities. When you work in partnership with your Spirit, you can learn to release the old human beliefs in lack and limitation thus consciously creating the life of your dreams. Cathy has made lots of information and guidance about spiritual awakening freely available on her website: [http://www.awakeningangel.com] for those who want to begin their journey to becoming more of who they truly are – Divine Humans who are consciously integrating their Spirit with their human self. Cathy’s e-book: ‘Calling Awakening Angels – A Wake-Up Call From Spirit’ can be downloaded instantly from the website. Cathy offers Recon

Learning Spirituality

Learning spirituality is an exciting, enlightening and rewarding process, but how do you get started? With all the information in the world at your fingertips, it can be hard decision where to target first, and with contradictory beliefs, in can be hard to establish your own. This article rewinds the process and brings the focus to the very beginning of a spiritual journey, making you ready for lifelong development.

As you know, there are many mediums one may draw information out of. These include books, online sources, talking to others, classes, audio and observation. All of these mediums are explained in detail below.


Reading books is a great start for introducing yourself to spirituality. Although, it must be considered that reading any spiritual or self-help book is much different than reading a novel. You must not race through sections, but give yourself enough time to allow what you have learned to sink in. Reading too much at one time can make everything jumble together, and you won’t remember the specifics of what each section is trying to teach you. It’s a good idea to assign a certain amount of time to each chapter, say at least 3 days, or even a week. This gives you time to recall the information, and apply it to your life, if necessary. There are books on a multitude of subjects, everything from self-help based spiritual learning, to developing your psychic skills. If you don’t know what book to pick up first, I recommend trying a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dyer’s books make spiritual information easy to understand, and he presents it in such a loving way, that you too will pick up on the loving energy.

Online Sources

Perhaps more accessible than books, online sources can give anyone a great deal of information. Doing a simple Google search on your areas of interest can lead you to something enlightening. It also helps to visit the websites of authors and psychics. Many authors and psychics provide information on their website such as small articles or videos. Further, you can put YouTube to use and search for some motivational speeches by spiritual leaders.

Talking to Others

The easiest of all mediums is talking to others. Start paying attention to the beliefs of others, and not immediately shunning out an idea just because you’ve never thought of it. Keep an open mind. When you’re speaking to family or friends, bring up a spiritual subject that interests you, and see where it leads. If you have no one around you that shares the same interests, seek them out. Go to places where they may hang out (Meditation centres, areas in libraries, yoga classes). If this does not work, you can go online and join in on the chat in forums. If you have any spiritual questions, try consulting others who you view to be smart in that area. This can include sending an e-mail to the author of a particular article you found interesting, or asking a psychic a parapsychology questions during a reading. There are many possibilities for communication.


If you are more of a hands on person, perhaps you could try classes pertaining to a specific area of spiritual interest. Classes could include meditation, yoga, reiki etc. Further, you can attend seminars or motivational speeches given by someone you consider to be very spiritually advanced.


If you’re not a big reader, you can always listen instead. This can, of course, include audio books. However, audio books are often not free and may be costly. Aside from audio books, there are radio shows and podcasts. Both of these are excellent sources of knowledge. Radio shows and podcasts allow us to hear another person’s point of view, and if the program has call-ins, we can even participate. Radio shows can be listened to live or in the archives of a radios website. A great radio channel for discussing spirituality is Ask One Radio ( www.ask1radio.com ). Podcasts can be found mainly for free in the iTunes store. Search the iTunes store or blogtalkradio.com for keywords on your areas of interest. It will more then likely bring up dozens of podcasts pertaining to your interest.


The most simple, free and natural way of learning spirituality is to observe it. Spirituality is found everywhere. A good example of this in is nature. A flower blooming, leafs changing colors and the rush of waterfalls are all miracles created by a higher energy. Many look past these seemingly simple things. However, if you pay attention, you will be surprised and enlightened in how much beauty you will find.


Remember learning is a process without an end. Never close yourself down to learning, thinking that you know it all. Also, be open to the beliefs of others and take them into consideration. Even if you don’t agree with a specific view, think to yourself “that’s an interesting way of looking at it”. Don’t accept all the beliefs of someone either. Just because you have a favorite author who you see as a spiritual master, doesn’t mean you can’t believe some of their beliefs and not others. Don’t think every belief of one specific person is right, develop beliefs of your own and don’t rely on others. Once you have developed beliefs of your own, don’t be afraid to question them.

Questioning your beliefs in a healthy manner can lead to more growth and spiritual clarity. Most of all, don’t take learning so seriously. Although it is a serious matter, learning is supposed to be somethin